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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Brandon Lee Carnitz who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 30, 1984 to the parents of Karen J. Gleason and Curtis J Carnitz. He passed away on October 29, 2003 at the age of 19. We will remember him forever. In his final hour he gave the gift of life as he was an organ donor. He will continue to live on through the lives of those he helped, and in the hearts he touched. I miss you son!!!
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And God Said....   / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy
I said, God I hurtAnd God said, I knowI said, I cry alotAnd God said, That's why I gave you tearsI said, Life is so hardAnd God said, That's why I gave you loved onesI said, But my loved one died!!And God said, So did mine!!I said, It's such a grea...  Continue >>
Our bond will never break, our love will never die!!   / Crystal (Sissy)
What a beautiful memorial for Brandon.  Thank you Mom.  I want to thank everyone for your love and support I couldn't do it without you.  Brandon I love you so much and I cannot wait for the day when we meet again.  Until then, I ...  Continue >>
Thinking Of You On Brandon's Birthday - Happy Birthday Brandon   / Patty J. Allen's Mom (POS Member )

I like the updates you made to the site. I am keeping you close to my heart as you go through another of Brandon's birthdays without being able to celebrate with him.

Happy Birthday Brandon. I am sure the POS childre...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Lisa Cable
Happy Birthday in Heaven Brandon.  Let your family know you are near them.
Our bond will never be broken, and our love will never die!   / Sissy
Brandon..... I miss you and love you so much.  I sure wish you were here to see the difference Dad has made in life.  You would be so proud of him!  He really misses you too!  Life is definately not fun without you!  Damn I w...  Continue >>
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